Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Are We Prepping Them For?

A friend who blogs at Cafe of Grace wrote an article called I Need Jesus. Her thoughts and the poem she shared spoke to my heart. I've had these same thoughts: Why am I rushing through our school agenda? Why am I stressing about them learning? What am I preparing my kids for exactly? High test scores? Those are fine, but is that the ultimate goal for our life? In our homeschooling journey, I do care that my kids get an education. That will not be neglected. But I choose not to make academics or sports or one overarching interest the main focus of my children's life.

This poem helps me to step back and reconsider what is most important.

THE WINNER (by Jennie Belzer…..2004?)
I thought I would teach my child to be a winner
Think and plan, remember all the rules
be strong and conquer
play the game and win.
But the winner was not kind
and he cared not for the one he trampled upon.
I thought I would teach my child all the right answers.
Read and read and don’t forget
score high, and higher still
and impress the ones I need to impress.
But the one with knowledge was puffed up with pride
and when the time came to give the only answer
that mattered, he was lost.
And so we set out together to learn how to love.
I stood with him at the end of the line,
we served quietly while others were giving out
all the right answers,
we lost some games and learned how to look into the
eyes of our opponent,
we beat our breast and cried out for mercy because we saw
the we were sinners,
We wrapped a towel around our waists and learned
how to wash feet,
and no one noticed us;
we became nothing
and we realized
we were winners.
*Thank you, Anastasia, for allowing me to share your post and Jennie's poem.*

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  1. What a beautiful expression of atmosphere, discipline, and life!