Saturday, June 9, 2012

Finding Significance in the "Daily"

"And how rich is our life, too, when we perceive that there is no calling among men too lowly to have for its purpose the manifestation of Christ." ~ Charlotte Mason in Scale How Meditations

"Pleasant ways and kindly words and simple duty-doing, in these things of every day life Christ is manifested." ~  Charlotte Mason in Scale How Mediations

These quotes are at the beginning of my Common Book which I was thumbing through recently.  It struck me how often we want to accomplish dramatic feats in order to make our lives feel meaningful.  But instead life is filled with much "daily" even for those who seem to have glamorous and high-impact jobs or ministries.

As a teen, my sister and I spent three weeks with a missionary family in the Dominican Republic.  At that time I thought missionaries were super holy and spent all their time tending to the sick and preaching.  I was surprised how much life they had to live, just like me.  They had a house to clean and food to cook the same as everyone else!  Matter of fact, it seems to me those menial tasks may take longer for missionaries, especially when they are new to a culture and country and have to figure out how all of it works.

So how do you live day in and day out with the significance of your chores putting a smile on your face instead of the drudgery dragging you down?  Look at the friendly side of "daily."

~There is a comfort in routine tasks in times of grief or stress.  One foot in front of another without having to make too many decisions keeps you going. 
~Good character is formed through diligent, thorough, joyful habits.  Each task is a building block that makes an impressive structure when finished: a pleasing home and countenance for you and your family to look back on. 
~Pleasant and earnest thoughts have time to ruminate as you work with your hands.  Good music gives a pleasant mood; good reading gives you something to review and ponder; you have time for prayer for people who pop into your mind; you have time for contemplating problems and solutions in your life. 
~As a bird eats and sings, makes a home and cares for young, and God cares for such a little creature; so does He enjoy watching us go about our daily tasks though they seem to us unworthy of heavenly attention.  Our attitude toward these duties are part of how we bring Him glory even if no one else is around to see.

Laundry and dishes, baths and clean-up time, returning emails and writing thank-yous can all be a part of a God-glorifying life if we just change our perspective and live those moments fully.


  1. I appreciate the encouragement in your words about the friendly side of daily. I am convicted today to do - my pile of ironing and my pile dishes - with more love and happiness (that God is clothing and feeding us.)

    Charlotte Mason sheds light on so many areas of life.
    Karen A.

    1. Yes, and I'm glad to be reminded from others like Charlotte. I love that our homeschool is encouraging on a spiritual level.

  2. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

    When we recognize that all we are and do is "for Him", "through Him" and "unto Him", then all mundane and ordinary tasks can be worship. It is still an abstract thought for my children ... until the Holy Spirit makes this real in their (and my) hearts.