Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival ~ Education is a Life!

"Our brains are sustained upon ideas just like our bodies are sustained by food," says Charlotte Mason (she says it so much better than my simplistic construction, of course.  Read more here ~ especially page 109).  Miss Mason talks about how ideas strike you just as if they are truly a living, active being.  I see this in my children often.  Elizabeth, our oldest, read Robinson Crusoe last year (she didn't love it, I hate to admit).  Recently she and the other kids watched a Myth Busters episode in which the two main guys "survived" on a deserted island using mainly duct tape.  The kids were so taken with this thought of surviving on a deserted island.  Armed with knowledge from Robinson Crusoe (and a little bit from "Island of the Blue Dolphins") and Myth Busters, they cannot wait each day to bravely trek down to our neighborhood pond to "survive".  They make bedding and shelters and traps for minnows, spears and staffs.  They've discovered which wild plants are edible and make salads (for mom to eat ~ for some reason they won't eat their own cooking).  They're working together (for now) and getting out in nature and creating memories.  And I'm loving it!

Welcome to the "Education is a Life" edition of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival!  Enjoy the variety of unique perspectives from our Charlotte Mason journeys.  Reading different perspectives helps me clarify, so I'm so happy to be involved with this blog carnival.  Take your time reading and feel free to interact in the comment sections of each post ~

Dwane from Visual Latin allowed me to share his post on Why Latin?  I love his answer: "Why anything?" It's a great example of how even a dead language can feed your child's mind.

The Tiger Chronicle shares an art study: Lines and Space.

Epi Kardia gives a good synopsis of How to do Music Study: "Beginning with a short video showing the dramatic effect of music on an elderly man, this practical how-to post provides ideas and resources for incorporating music study into your Charlotte Mason homeschool."

Under An English Sky posts some gorgeous pictures from English history (it's so neat that they get to see what they read about in Island Story!): History: A Storehouse of Ideas.

Dewey's Treehouse reminds us that balance is important in education: Charlotte Mason and the Three Faces of Education.

Harmony Art Mom shares a short and sweet (and very useful!) tip: Seasoned Mom Tip #3 - Keeping in Touch with Independent Learners.

And the same author also shares at Handbook of Nature Study: Newsletter Challenge: Extraordinary in the Ordinary.

Homegrown Learners shows how connections can be made when an idea is stirred up in a child and further exploration ensues: A "Delightful Double Existence".

More from the Pre-reading Lessons Series is posted here at Delightful Education: Part 3 and Part 4.

Sage Parnassus shares a simple (but hard to implement!) truth about slow yet steady progress in education:   This Fetish of Progress.

Home Grown Babies gives you refreshing reasons why you can breathe and enjoy life as a mother: Soul Time -- Part 1; and also gives us a peek into their Charlotte Mason environment: Simple Charlotte Mason.

Our Journey Westward posted easy instructions and pictures for doing a simple art project: Paper Quilling.

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  1. Yay! Thanks for hosting the carnival, Lanaya! I loved your story in the beginning about your kids. I remember once discovering my kids in the bathtub/shower upstairs with all sorts of interesting (plastic) creatures, etc., in the tub, the water running over, the shower on full blast and the bathroom so steamy I could hardly see them. We were reading about the rainforest, of course! :-) Thank you for including my post!


  2. I love it, Dana! Kids can be SO creative with what their minds are feasting on.

  3. This is great, thanks Lanaya - can't wait to put my feet up with a cuppa and be inspired!

    1. A cuppa something sounds lovely! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts; I don't believe I've seen your blog before. Thanks for entering the carnival!

  4. wow, lanaya, your kids are awesome! cool imaginations!

    thanks for hosting the carnival! there are a lot of links, i'm looking forward to reading them all :)

    1. Enjoy, Amy! I love this little community ~

  5. Very nice, Lanaya! Thanks for all your hard work in putting this edition together.

    From joy to joy,

  6. What a wonderful carnival - such good reading and inspiration here! Thanks for hosting!

    1. It really is inspirational - glad to be a part!

  7. Thanks for a great carnival Lanaya. I loved hearing about your children 'surviving down at the pond'. What great childhood memories!

    1. Some of my best childhood memories were outdoors playing in the ditches, digging holes, climbing trees.... Thanks for stopping by, Shirley Ann!